Pre-Owned airplanes for Sale.

(Picture NOT of specific airplane)  N658DK, 2010 Aeroprakt A22LS Float Airplane. Under 95K.  Call owner Gary Waugh in GA for details.  803-634-1586

NEW Airplanes in stock or coming soon.

N328AM, New A32 Yoke control, 100Hp Rotax ULS, Garmin GDU460, Garmin G3X, Garmin 304 Autopilot, GTR20 Radio, GTX45R Transponder Full ADS-B in/out, 2020 compliant.  Cowl and 2 Wing Landing Lights. The only thing this can add to have EVERYTHING is a Parachute Recovery System and it has factory prep installed. Loaded price of $136,500.

New Arrival.... N846AM 2018 SLSA Aeroprakt A22LS. Straight Stick, 30 gallon fuel,  Tundra tires, 100hp Rotax, Steam gauges, side luggage door, Tall Person Dashboard. 698# Empty Weight. Ready to fly.     $89,999

N296AM, New A32 Stick control, 100Hp Rotax ULS, Dynon HDX, Dynon Radio, Intercom, Transponder, Full ADS-B In/Out With Traffic & Weather, USA 2020 Compliant. Whole Frame Parachute Recovery System. Loaded price of $137,500.

N843AM 2017 SLSA Aeroprakt A22LS. Stick Controls, 24 gallon, Analog controls.   Long Leg Panel. Very light 678# Empty.                Ready to fly.     $83,500