Aeroprakt 22LS Foxbat

A22LS Foxbat


The A22LS Foxbat was first flown in the late 1990’s. It quickly became the flagship model of Aeroprakt, quickly gaining popularity around the world. While it has evolved some over the years, the basic design remains the same.

A Very Capable Aircraft

The A22LS boasts a very roomy 50” wide cockpit at the shoulders with nearly all glass doors and a massive windshield that provides legendary visibility. With a speed range from 31 mph to 100 mph cruise, the A22LS is a very capable aircraft. The A22LS is capable of a takeoff roll of around 140’ and can land in about the same distance. With full flaps and an aggressive slip, the A22LS can safely approach very slowly and at a very steep angle over obstacles. With tundra tires and mud guards, it is very well suited to off-airport operations. The A22LS may also be equipped with skis or floats.

Handles Turbulence & Rough Terrain

Flying the A22LS is an absolute blast. It is very light on the controls with the aileron and elevator controls being all pushrods. The full span flaperons provide a very snappy roll rate as well as very effective low speed response. Yet, with all this, it is very stable and handles turbulence better than most LSA’s. The main landing gear legs are spring aluminum and are bolted into a very solid gearbox so they can take an amazing amount of punishment. Replacing a gear leg is a very easy job if you ever need to do so. The nose gear is fully steerable and is a trailing link design with a gas shock absorber designed for rough terrain. The A22LS makes an excellent flight training aircraft as it is rugged and easy to fly. The A22LS is proven design with the highest time airframe at nearly 11,000 hours operating in a flight school.

Easy & Inexpensive Maintenance

The construction of the A22LS is simple and easy to maintain and repair. The airframe is all aluminum with fabric covering on the control surfaces and bottoms of the wings to save weight. The Rotax engines offer fuel economy that is making conventional aircraft engines obsolete along with reliability that keeps the airplane out of the shop and in the air. Typical empty weight of the A22LS is between 690 and 750 lbs. depending on options giving it a useful load of over 600 lbs. in some cases. The 30 gallon fuel capacity gives the A22LS typical range in excess of 500 miles.

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Technical Data & Performance

A22LS Technical Drawings
Engine Rotax 912 ULS / Rotax-912 iS
Power 100 HP / 73,5 kW at 5800 RPM
VNE never exceed speed 143 mph
Top level speed 114 mph
Cruise speed at 4650 RPM 93 mph
VA max. maneuvering speed 105 mph
VFE max. flap extended speed 91 mph
VS1 stall speed, flaps retracted 48 mph
VS0 stall speed full flaps 37 mph
Fuel consumption at 93 mph (at 4650 RPM) 4.0 US gph
Total fuel capacity (optional tanks) 24 (30) US gal
Range with 2×24 US gal. tanks, 30 min. reserve at 1000 ft, ISA conditions, 4000 RPM (with wheels landing gear) 529 nm
Crosswind limit 16 mph
Max. load factors 4 / -2
Maximum weight 1323 lbs
Empty weight 639 – 761 lbs
Take off run at MTOW & ISA 344 ft
Landing run at MTOW & ISA 607 ft
Take off distance over a 50 ft obstacle (MTOW & ISA) 1099 ft
Landing distance from 50 ft obstacle (MTOW & ISA) 1444 ft

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