Aeroprakt 32 Vixxen

A32 Vixxen


Using long-term design experience, the A32 was designed as a development of the successful A22LS model with improved aerodynamic and ergonomic characteristics.

Improved Aerodynamics & Reduced Drag

The A32 Vixxen was built on the success of the A22LS model. Using the same wing design and construction methods, the fuselage and tail groups was completely redesigned with a focus on aerodynamics and reducing drag. The result was not only a much higher cruise speed of easily 130 mph, but also a reduced stall speed! Not only does the increase aerodynamics improve speed, but it also greatly improves fuel economy. With the iS engine the A32 can cruise at 130 mph at 4.6 gph. But if you slow it down to 100 mph, it burns 2.9 gph!

A32 Refinements

Some of the other refinements that were integrated into the A32 are a full flying stabilator with a servo tab style trim system that greatly reduced the elevator pressure and dependency on trim. The control system was also completely redesigned using cables for the elevator and ailerons which eliminated the pushrods that ran through the cabin. This opens up the access to the much larger baggage compartment by simply folding the seats forward. While the max baggage weight remains the same, the volume is greatly increased allowing space for bulky items such as sleeping bags and winter clothes, etc.

Another very nice improvement is the elimination of structural tubes in the forward view that are present in the A22LS; the forward view in the A32 is unobstructed. Also greatly improved is the design of the doors with a more robust frame and inset fit that greatly reduces drafts and wind noise. As you look at the cowling you will find a very different design as well. The intake air for the cylinders comes in through a small round intake and is directed to the cylinders by a molded composite baffle. This provides improved cooling while also reducing drag. Under the cowling you will find that the airflow through the radiator is completely captured in a duct and is made available for cabin heat which is evenly distributed to both sides of the cabin. The improved heat flow combined with trim panels that seal the back of the cabin from the tail cone has made for an amazingly comfortable cabin in extreme cold. And one last improvement that really sets the A32 apart from all others… cup holders! How can you ask for more?

Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen Flyer

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Technical Data & Performance

A32 Technical Drawings
Engine Rotax 912 ULS / Rotax-912 iS
Power 100 HP / 73,5 kW at 5800 RPM
VNE never exceed speed 150 mph
Top level speed 133 mph
Cruise speed at 4650 RPM 109 mph
VA max. maneuvering speed 94 mph
VFE max. flap extended speed 91 mph
VS1 stall speed, flaps retracted 37 mph
VS0 stall speed full flaps 31 mph
Fuel consumption at 109 mph (at 4650 RPM) 3.4 US gph
Total fuel capacity (optional tanks) 24 (30) US gal
Range with 2×24 US gal. tanks, 30 min. reserve at 1000 ft, ISA conditions, 3700 RPM 702 nm
Crosswind limit 16 mph
Max. load factors 4 / -2
Maximum weight 1323 lbs
Empty weight 639 – 761 lbs
Take off run at MTOW & ISA 394 ft
Landing run at MTOW & ISA 518 ft
Take off distance over a 50 ft obstacle (MTOW & ISA) 1047 ft
Landing distance from 50 ft obstacle (MTOW & ISA) 1325 ft

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